Using aerial data to save time on your project!

By utilising drone technology into your cut/fill volume analysis and material tracking on site you can expect a faster and streamlined service in data collection/analysis. Utilising our RTK drones you can expect a high quality data collected a fraction of the time and price.

For your material tracking and volume calculations we can obtain highly accurate 2D orthomosaic maps, digital surface and terrain models and 3D point clouds. When collecting the volume of numerous stock piles on site it can take longer and cost a lot more due to the man power. Sometimes site works have to be stopped in order to get a survey team on the ground to obtain the data. With our solution, site works don’t have to stop and we operate out of the way to allow for minimal impact on your site works.

Volume Analysis

Volume calculations can be made faster and just as accurate using the right equipment. Our drone and software systems allow us to operate without hindering works on your site and can provide data same day!

Material Tracking

Tracking materials and assets on site can be a tedious process. We offer a solution to determine volume of materials on site for your reporting periods, locations on site and progress on your overall site works.

Fast Site Data

By integrating the use of drones into your work flow, you can increase productivity and focus your efforts in other areas while we collect the data for you.

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