Industrial Services

Asset inspections, site monitoring, aerial surveying material tracking etc, have all in the past, been labelled as laborious and costly processes which in turn can sometimes place employees in dangerous scenarios. Using RPAS units (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, commonly called drones) are the solution and effectively implementing the use of drones in your business or projects can increase productivity and allow you to invest more time on other tasks.

Construction Progress

Obtaining essential data of your work site which can assist in your project tracking and give you a more data oriented result over simple notes and sketches made on site.

Material Tracking

Tracking materials on site can be a tedious task, our drones are able to geo tag images and collect valuable information for your end of period reports.

Volume Analysis

Using RPAS units equipped with latest technologies to gather an accurate volume analysis faster and safer without stopping work on site.

Roof Inspection

Whether it is a cracked roof tile, blocked gutters or an insurance claim we have you covered. We can inspect any roof without need of climbing on top of the roof.

Asset Inspection

Utilising aerial imaging on inspections can increase efficiencies and safety. You don’t need to climb up and put yourself in high risk environments when a UAV can obtain the same information.

Dilapidation Reporting

Minimise the risk of going near a structure with major defects or inn-accessible areas with the use of drones. High quality imagery and video to help you make accurate assessments.

Aerial Surveying

Mapping out large areas for either site monitoring or topographic surveying can be a tedious process. Our RTK drones allow for precise topographic survey across large ares such as new sub divisions.


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