Safely working at heights.

Whether it is a cracked roof tile, blocked gutters or an insurance claim we have you covered. We can inspect any roof without need of climbing on top of the roof.

What is key is the fact that using drone technology in roofing inspections takes out the need to have employees climbing on rooftops, scaffolding and in dangerous areas. It lowers the cost down without having the need for numerous employees to be trained up and inducted for each site prior to the inspection ever beginning. Multiple sites can be inspected each day allowing for high volume work to be completed. Images collected are high resolution which allows for detailed analysis. Video footage is also shot in 4K for the best viewing quality of your asset for the inspection.

Hard to Reach

Some portions of a roof are extremely hard and unsafe to reach without proper scaffolding and support structures. Our drones are able to image the entire roof and capture damage that you have sustained or might be picked up and gone unnoticed.

Material Analysis

When a structure has been damaged due to wind, hail or impact, an analysis of what has been damaged and how much is a helpful tool in preparing repairs. For example the image above was shot at ANU at the beginning of the year and these series of images can be used to determine the number of roof tiles that need to be replaced.

General Maintenance

If general maintenance is a cause for concern the a quick routine inspection (recommended once every 3-6 months depending on the situation) can show any potential problem areas.

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