At the beginning of 2020 a large storm passed across the east coast of Sydney bringing large hail stones and damaging winds that swept across the city.

With this it brought widespread damage that cost both the homeowners and insurance companies.

Severe damage sustained to a back patio due to a tree fall in Illawong NSW
Severe damage sustained to the roof tiles at the Australian National University in Canberra, 1 of many of the buildings damaged.

We at Ozone Drone Media, completed over 300 reactive roofing inspections in the first quarter of 2020 alone in relation to the storms that passed through.

What we noticed that many of the inspections carried out could have prevented internal damage to the structure through proper maintenance and regular inspections. Regular maintenance inspections can highlight areas of concern such as blocked gutters or even worse cracked tiles/loose shingles and sheeting which can allow water ingress. These go unnoticed since we have been without substantial rain for so long.

We recommend having an inspection carried out every 3-6 months. Factors for more frequent inspections are due to:

  • Dense vegetation
  • Aged roof
  • Damage monitoring

Below are a few images we collected on proactive roofing inspections. The first showcasing large amounts of leaf litter build up in the gutters of the roof. This can cause major problems in heavy rains as water flow is impeded and can allow for back flow into the eaves/roof cavity causing either rot in the timber frames or potential mould growth in the wall cavities.

The image on the right was shot for a residential 4 storey apartment structures routine inspection. The corner on the ridge-capping has been deteriorated severely to the point that emergency repairs and make safes needed to be installed.

Proactive maintenance inspections can assist in showcasing potential problems such as clogged gutters which can impede water flow and cause internal damages.
Proactive inspections spotted weathered mortar and damaged ridge capping on a multi storey structure where using a ladder to inspect would have otherwise not been safe.

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