With storms, crazy weather events and even just general maintenance. Drones can be used for roof inspections for to asses for any damages or just general maintenance. They are the preferred method for inspection as they can prevent falls from heights and even injury or death that can occur from inspecting multi – storey structures.

Accidents can occur on any structure and with the use of drones, they mitigate the risk from small accidents or even death.

There are many potential hazards such as falling off the roof, slips and trips as well as damage to existing components of the roof.

 Drones are able to complete multiple roof inspections per day saving you time and money and put less people working at heights with potential hazards of falling off. They are a cost effective solution as stated previously, multiple sites can be inspected per day increasing the amount of work roofing companies and insurance companies can complete. There is no need for ladders, rigging set ups, scaffolding etc. Our capabilities allow us to get our equipment within the sky in minutes and have complete inspections completed in around 30 minutes. This takes out the need for the classic roof inspection needing multiple people, equipment and lots of time. Time = Money.

With licensed drone operators with public liability insurance, such as ourselves, we are able to fly within restricted airspaces such as Sydney Harbour, Mosman, Lane Cove etc as well as within controlled airports such as Bankstown and Sydney, something non licensed operators cannot do.

 When we complete our inspections, we trace the entire roof footprint multiple time, all protrusions, solar panels etc to examine where the damage is and if there is any more that you cannot see. We provide the data same day as well as reports as needed.

Destroyed roof from hail - Canberra @ ANU
Destroyed Pergola - Illawong
Debris Build Up - Manly
Damaged & Displaced Tiles - Cecil Hills

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