Has a property or structure been severely damaged and is too risky to get close to? Minimise the risk of going near a structure with major defects or inn-accessible areas with the use of drones. High quality imagery and video to help you make accurate assessments.

We are able to get close to unsafe structures and image them in both photo and video (4K video) as well as in real time streaming.

Digital Log

If you are monitoring an asset over time to plan remedial works for the future a digital log of the entire asset is crucial to accurate and safety works.


A structure that has been recently damaged through impact, storm or accident may be unsafe to get close to to assess. Our drones are capable of imaging the structure whilst keeping you safe and away from any potential risks.

Digital Twin

Modelling a structure can be crucial for planning remedial works. We are able to 3D model you site and provide an accurate digital twin of the site to assist in planning, design and site works.

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