Creative Services

At Ozone Drone Media, we are photography and film enthusiast at heart. Our state of the art drones are capable of gathering images and video for your project whether it is for a social media campaign for Facebook or Instagram to professional productions. We operate alongside your team to get the content you want that will convey your message.

Architectural Pre-visualisation

Many architects are using drone imaging to get a view similar to real estate before the project has even been built. From these images they super impose the buildings or additions to the photos and videos to give investors, clients and builders a visual representation of what the final product is going to look like

Real Estate

Aerial photography and video does not only show the potential buyer the property that they are interested in but also the surrounding suburbs to give them a feel of what the neighbourhood looks like before even going for a visit.


Our drones are capable of getting up close and unique angles and shots to give a different flare to your project. We can also edit your projects using Adobe’s industry standard creative suite softwares.


Have a project that might need aerial images or video? With our licensing we can gain approvals to fly in otherwise restricted airspaces.


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