Essential data from above!

Obtaining essential data of your work site which can assist in your project tracking and give you a more data oriented result over simple notes and sketches made on sites. Our drones are capable of automated flights to capture data of your work site showing the same points of interest at different dates. This is beneficial for stakeholders, site managers and clients to have a view of the project as it progresses.

Along side autonomous data capture we can also provide high resolution 2D maps and 3D models of your site that can be used in your site tracking. This helps with planning and site management to make your project run as smoothly as possible.

Project comparison for an event reception facility taken 3 months apart – Medway NSW

Progress Reporting

Using our drones we are able to capture points of interest and complete exact autonomous flights to capture the same angles at different times. This is great for end of month report to show a real time view of how the project is going.

High Resolution Imagery

With our drones we are capable of high quality 4K video and high resolutions images to facilitate your needs whether it is for social media updates, progress reporting etc.

Mapping & Modelling

Mapping and modelling out a construction site is vital and will provide invaluable data to your project. From calculating material quantities, stockpile volumes and remote site assessments, all data can be captured whilst your site is still operational.

Project update completed showcasing a truss installation for a function centre in Kangaroo Valley NSW

First update shoot of 3 for a reception centre in NSW highlands at Medway

Good price and super easy to deal with – he will be getting all our drone work

Rhys, Ironbuilt Infrastructure, Aug 2020

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