Due to the low human interaction, the use of drones in inspections cuts out the need to have a person on site climbing scaffolding, walking on rooftops, climbing dangerous structures and using large cumbersome equipment to get the same results.

Regular inspections of your asset will save you time and money as you are proactively searching for potential issues. Our drones are able to capture all data of your asset without disrupting your day to day works and most importantly lower costs of traditional inspection methodologies.

Working at heights

Working at heights is never safe especially for prolonged periods of time. Our methodology of inspection is not only safer but more efficient. Our drones are capable of working within the residential real (housing) up to high end powerline inspections (both thermal and RGB visual)

Assessing Plant & Equipment

High definition photos and videos of all plant and equipment on top of the roofing structure can show potential hot spots that may or may not need attention in real time.

Digital Log of your Asset

Keeping a digital log of your asset so when it comes time to check if something was damaged or needed attention and was corrected you have an answer.

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