Use aerial data on your next project!

Orthomosaic mapping is the technique of using geo-referenced images captured through our drones to create a geo-tagged map. The map is generated through state of the art flight and processing software to create a sharp highly detailed map/image of your site, project or land. We offer services to include plan prints scaled for project monitoring, risk management and project tenders. Feel free to have a look at the models below. The first an insurance claim for roof damage and second a progress map for a large construction project.

Traditional survey methodologies may also be not the best option for mapping out large areas hence drones can gather accurate topographic data using RTK and PPK drone technologies. These are best suited to large area such as new sub divisions and agricultural spaces.

Site Survey

An aerial site survey can show potential shortcomings and issues you might be having with your site. Getting a clear picture from above can assist in making planning and procedural decisions you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Topographic Survey

Using RTK or PPK systems you can get accurate topographic data over large areas in a very short time frame. This cost saving will allow you to begin crucial design and planning works that otherwise would have to wait until traditional field survey methods have been completed.

Site Modelling

Detailed models of a construction site, quarry or land development can highlight features in surrounding areas. Gives you a digital representation of what is being worked on. 3D modelling and point cloud generations can also assist in design as it gives you a 3D point in 3D space.

3D models can be generated for a variety of purposes such as construction progress, asset monitoring or in the above case to examine damage sustained to an asset. Our systems can also generate 3D point clouds using our mapping techniques to assist in the design and analysis of flood prone areas, generate digital terrain and elevation models.

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