Ozone Drone Media is a fully equiped aerial imaging firm based in Sydney Australia that services all New South Wales Victoria and the ACT.

From real estate, inspections, professional photography and video or mapping and modelling we are quickly becoming a one – stop – shop for all things drone related.

The ever expanding nature of drones allows us to bring exciting and different perspectives to image capturing in especially in the inspection and construction industries. The drone allow you to go simply where you can’t and for a fraction of the cost from old traditional methods. Our fleet allows us to capture data safely, cheaper and faster than older methods that were otherwise deemed dangerous.

As the founder of Ozone Drone Media, Tom Pupuncoski has been flying drones for 5 years. His passion for cinematography and film began in high school. Upon graduating high school, Tom went on to study and work in the Civil engineering industry earning an honours degree in Civil Engineering. Working in the industry for the last 5 years he saw the potential that drone technology has on the industry and using his skills flying and capturing images and videos as a hobby, decide to open up Ozone Drone Media full time.

Tom is the Chief Remote Pilot and handles all the work from operating drones, pre flight mission planning, editing and data management. His number one priority when using this technology in industry is the safety of the equipment and most importantly anyone directly or indirectly involved in the operation. Ozone Drone Media is a fully certified company through CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). He has a full understanding of the current regulations to ensure every flight complies with CASA.


Tel. +61 401 212 779
Em. tom@ozonedronemedia.com.au
ReOC: 6187


  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Mapping and Modelling
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture
  • Marketing & Film

ABN: 22 635 613 366  REOC: 6187